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Bukhara Declaration on Ziyarah Tourism

Adopted at the First International Forum on Ziyarah Tourism
February 22, 2019, Friday (17 Jum ada Al-Akhirah, 1440) in the city
o f Bukhara, Republic o f Uzbekistan.

 The State Committee o f the Republic o f Uzbekistan for Tourism Development,
Committee for Religious Affairs under the Cabinet o f Ministers o f the Republic
o f Uzbekistan, Muslim Board o f Uzbekistan, Bukhara Regional Administration,
Islamic Organization for Education, Science and Culture (ISESCO), World Tourism
Organization (WTO), international organizations, universities, representatives
o f tourism industry, experts in the field o f Halal and Ziyarah tourism, as well
as clergy who participated in the First International Forum on Ziyarah Tourism
concluded and have endorsed the following declaration.
The Forum, held under the auspices o f ISESCO and with the support
o f UNWTO, based on the principles o f the Global Code o f Ethics for Tourism,
adopted in Santiago (Chile) in 1999 at the 13th session o f the WTO General
Assembly, which states that “Travel for purposes o f religion, health, education
and cultural or linguistic exchanges are particularly beneficial forms o f tourism,
which deserve encouragem ent”.
The Ninth Islamic Conference o f Culture M inisters, which was held
on N ovem ber 2-4, 2015 in Muscat (Oman), issued a resolution whereby proclaiming
the city o f Bukhara as one o f the three Capitals o f Islamic Culture for the year 2020.
The Islamic Ministerial Conference organized by ISESCO, which was held on
Novem ber 27-29, 2018 in M anama (Bahrain), declared 2019 as the “Year o f Islamic
Heritage”, asked all competent and concerned institutions to actively contribute to
these important initiatives.
Exploring rich historical and cultural heritage o f Uzbekistan through tourism
is an important factor in an intercultural exchange, promotion o f the peace
and strengthening friendship ties among the nations.

One o f the sectors o f tourism - Ziyarah Tourism has grown exponentially and
became one o f the leading trends for the 21st century, contributing to increased
diversification o f the services and mutually beneficial cooperation.
We are encouraged by the positive impact o f Ziyarah Tourism to the raising
standards o f living o f the population and the transform ation o f the societies.
And recognize that Ziyarah Tourism, with a sustainable development,
has great potential for improving cultural and hum anitarian ties around the world.
We acknowledge that information technologies bring changes to Ziyarah
Tourism, especially in the field o f promotion, m arketing, differentiation
and specialization o f tourism products.
And reaffirm our belief that Ziyarah Tourism should contribute
to the personal growth o f the individuals and the strengthening o f fundamental social
norms and values o f the nations.
W e express our agreem ent with the follow ing provisions:
1. Safety, protection o f the tourists and respect for their dignity
are indispensable conditions for the development o f tourism. Steps are being taken
to simplify travel, tourists’ trips and stays, accompanied by measures
to ensure their safety and protection. According to the research carried out
by international rating agencies, Uzbekistan is among the top five countries
in the world in terms o f security and happiness.
2. Uzbekistan is a secular state with a predom inantly M uslim population, where
citizens o f different beliefs and cultures live together in atmosphere o f peace and
respect. Uzbekistan is proud o f its centuries-old traditions o f tolerance
and inter-confessional harmony. Many recognize ethnic and religious diversity
as a heritage o f the Great Silk Road, which served as a m elting pot o f cultures
and civilizations. Uzbekistan initiated a special resolution on Decem ber 12, 2018
at the UN General Assembly “Enlightenm ent and Religious Tolerance”.
3. Uzbekistan, being one o f the centers o f Ziyarah Tourism, plays an important
role in prom oting the true values o f Enlightened Islam, consolidating the legal,
scientific, methodological and philosophical foundations o f Islam.
4. Hundreds o f cultural and historical monuments o f Uzbekistan, listed
as a UNESCO W orld Heritage Sites, strengthen further the sense o f respect
and respect for the invaluable historical heritage o f Uzbekistan, national identity,
and high spirituality in the younger generation.
5. The Quran (M us’haf) o f Khalifa Usman, written in 644-646 AD, is
recognized as a significant and unique evidence o f the centuries-old cultural and
historical heritage o f M uslim culture. Stored in a special room o f the “Moyi
M ubarak” m adrasah in Tashkent, the M us’h a f attracts scholars and religious figures,
pilgrims and tourists from around the world.
6. The rich history, the unique scientific, spiritual heritage o f our great
ancestors, who made an invaluable contribution to the development o f world
civilization, the world-fam ous historical cities o f our country, bring tourists from
all over the world, for their ziyarah to the sites o f Islamic and other civilizations.

7. Historical heritage o f scholars and thinkers such as Im am A1 Bukhari, Imam
At-Termezi, A bu M ansur Al-M aturidi, Bahauddin Naqshbandi, Burkhanuddin
Marginani, Abu Ali Ibn Sino, M uhammad Al-Khorezm i, A bu Rayhan Beruni,
Ahmad Al-Fergani, Abu N asr Farabi, Mirzo Ulugbek, Shamsuddin As-Samarkandi
and many other scientists and sacred Sufis o f Uzbekistan, is the property o f all
mankind and encourages millions o f tourists to visit Uzbekistan.
8. By developing Ziyarah Tourism, Uzbekistan continues the tradition o f the
encouraging intercultural and inter-civilizational dialogue. Over many centuries o f
coexistence o f various nations and religions, traditions o f mutual respect and
tolerance have been well established.
Finally, the participants o f the First International Forum on Ziyarah Tourism,
expressing their conviction that tourism should and can contribute to the
construction o f a more peaceful, humane, sustainable, fraternal and united world,
recognize Uzbekistan as one o f the centers o f Ziyarah Tourism and urge the World
Tourism Organization, governments and the private sector to take all measures
necessary to implement provisions o f this “Bukhara Declaration” .

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